February 6, 2013


Welcome to hindilanguage.info! This page will give you an overview of the features on this website.

If you want to see a listing of every page on this website, visit the Archives. Lists of all Hindi blog posts, English blog posts, and news posts are also available.

About This Site

For general information about the site itself, please visit the About Page. The policies (for commenting, etc.) can be found on the policies page.


If you would like to contact me, my contact information is available on the Contact Page.

If you have a specific question, you’re welcome to ask via Disqus (which is at the bottom of every page and post) or e-mail.

How To Use This Site

If you’re not sure where to find the information you’re looking for, just ask! This site can be used to learn Hindi, or as a reference for Hindi.


To see a list of references used to prepare some of the material on this site, please visit the References Page.


This site uses Disqus for comments.

RSS and E-Mail Subscriptions

An RSS feed is available. You may subscribe to e-mail notifications by clicking the “Mailing List” link in the top left corner under the heading “Get Connected”.

Introduction to Hindi

If you want to learn some general information about the Hindi language, read the Introduction to Hindi.

Hindi Notes

You can browse the Notes, which are brief articles about useful facts about Hindi. These articles contain a lot of information about Hindi grammar.

Hindi Grammar Reference

If you want to learn about Hindi grammar, a comprehensive Hindi Grammar Reference is available.

Hindi Vocabulary

If you want to learn some new words and how to use them in context, consult the Hindi Vocabulary List.

Devanagari (Hindi Script)

If you want to learn about how Hindi is written, read the article about The Devanagari Script.


This site has two blogs: an English Blog and a Hindi Blog. Also, news posts are available about updates to the site.

Tutorials, Exercises, and Analyses

The Dialogs are detailed analyses of fictional conversations.

There are also a set of Exercises and Tutorials.

Q & A

There is also a Q & A section.

Links and Reviews

There are reviews and links of other websites.


There are transcripts of various audio/video recordings, such as episodes of Hindi television shows that can be watched on YouTube. These transcripts are good tools for learning Hindi. You can watch/listen and if you don’t understand something, you can refer to the transcript.


There are a set of lessons that teach Hindi in a gentle, gradual manner with examples and audio recordings.


There are various lists also, i.e. lists of information such as terms for family relationships, numbers, colors, etc.


There is a glossary of major terms also.