June 21, 2014

First Person Verbs in Relative Clauses

In Hindi, a first person verb can be used in a relative clause. This is not the case in English. For instance, in episode 118 of “Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo”, the mother says:

मैं तो वो अच्छी वाली सास हूँ ना जो हर बात में अपनी बहु का साथ दूँ – “I’m the kind of mother-in-law who supports her daughter-in-law in every matter”

Notice that the verb दूँ is a first person verb. The relative clause relates to मैं, and therefore uses a first person verb.

This is not the case in English; if it were, we would say “who support …” and not “who supports …”, etc.

(If you’re wondering why it is a subjunctive verb, see the subjunctive mood.)