April 20, 2012


The verb चुकना is an intransitive verb which literally means something like “to finish (doing something)”.

However, it is most commonly used as a verbal auxiliary. Like most verbal auxiliaries, the main verb appears as a verb stem and is followed by a form of चुकना.

[stem of main verb] [inflected form of चुकना]

All inflection is done upon चुकना since the main verb always appears as a bare stem.


When used as a verbal auxiliary, चुकना has a sense that can be translated into English using the adverb “already”:

क्या आप खाना खा चुके हैं – “Have you already eaten?” / “Have you finished eating?”

मैं अपना काम कर चुका हूँ – “I have already finished my work” / “I finished my work”

मैं रोज़ छह बजे तक काम कर चुकता हूँ – “I finish working by 6 o’clock every day”

मैं कल तक यह किताब लिख चुकूँगा -“I will finish writing this book by tomorrow”