February 7, 2013

Translating “Through”


How is “through” translated into Hindi?


The English word “through” has many usages:


“He went through the door”

The most common postposition that corresponds to the spatial “through” is simply से:

हमारे दोस्त दरवाजे से निकले – “Our friends went out through the door”

के द्वारा is not uncommon; it used most commonly used to express means, instrument, and agency (especially in passive constructions):


मैंने मेल के द्वारा पैसा भेज दिया – “I sent the money [by mail]”


यह पुल काम करने वालों के द्वारा बनाया गया था – “This bridge was built [by the workers]”


“He learns through books”


वह किताबों के द्वारा सीखता है

Thus, के द्वारा corresponds more closely to “by” than “through”.

The pospositions के पार (“across”/”through”), and के माध्यम से (“through” / “via”) can be used too.

  • Divija Sampathi

    Hai David..the past tense of the verb ‘padhna’ is ‘padha’ for masculine singular..Is there any word ‘padhaaya’ as such?? I have read it somewhere but not sure..Kindly lemme know its meaning and usage if it exists..pls