December 4, 2012

Plans for 2013

2011 was the year of inception. This site was created on April 14th, 2011. Its original purpose was to be a grammar reference, but the site has expanded far beyond this original intent.

2012 was the year of transformation. The site received a custom design, its implementation was completely changed, and many new features were added.

2013 will be, I hope, the year of expansion. I plan to add new features and a lot more content.

Tentatively, here are my ideas:

  • “Lessons” – casual, humorous, inductive Hindi tutorials
  • Regular Vocabulary updates (5 daily)
  • More content: more tutorials, dialogs, grammar articles, exercises, etc.
  • Q & A format improvements
  • Notes – frequent, brief, miscellaneous articles about Hindi
  • Grammar article revisions
  • More rigorous proofreading
  • Script tutor demonstrating how to write Devanagari, possibly with animations
  • Audio – recordings of the pronunciation of Devanagari letters, words, audio lessons, audio exercises, etc.
  • Learning tips – advice about how to learn Hindi effectively
  • Reviews – reviews of websites, books, etc.
  • An overview page that summarizes all of the content on the site
  • More information on the About page
  • More links
  • Indexes – lists of information such as familial relationships, numbers, months, days, time,  etc.
  • Common Hindi phrases
  • More information about the Hindi language itself
  • Transcripts of various audio recordings that I have transcribed
  • Transliteration – information about transliterated Hindi words
  • A Hindi blog – a blog written in Hindi
  • English blog posts
  • Media reviews of TV shows, etc.
  • Feedback via Facebook, Twitter, and Disqus – I want to encourage interaction from the site’s users.

This is an ambitious list, and I have other priorities, so I can’t promise that I will accomplish everything that I want to accomplish next year, but I certainly intend to try. Regardless, you can look forward to a lot of great content on this site in 2013!

  • Madhumitha

    Oh my goodness!! too excited, just cant wait for audio lessons.

    • Thanks, Madhumitha! It will take some time for me to procure equipment, create the lessons, and recruit speakers, but I hope to release audio content soon.

  • Dorothea Kettler

    Once again, thanks a ton for starting this website. It’s always been very helpful to me in learning Hindi. If there’s anything I can do to help, I’d love to support your project. 🙂

    • Thanks, Dorothea! I’m so glad that it has been helpful to you. I really appreciate your participation. Maintaining this site is a lot of work, so it’s gratifying to read your compliments. Thousands of people view this site each month, but I receive very little feedback, so I am very thankful for the comments, questions, and corrections that you have submitted.

  • dhiren26

    I appreciate your enthusiasm & effort to make available very good learning & reference material for Hindi. I think that the Indian Standard IS-16500 : 2012 ‘Devnagari Script and Hindi Spellings’ document will help you in proofreading Hindi content. It’s available from