December 29, 2013

New Grammar Article Format

I have created a new format for the grammar articles. So far, I’ve converted one page to the new format: The Subjunctive Mood. Look at the page to see the new features.

Some important features include:

  • A table of contents at the beginning of the article with hyperlinks for navigation
  • A hierarchical organization
  • An introductory section with examples, including examples that a person might have encountered, such as movie titles, airport announcements, sentences from signs, common expressions, etc.
  • Color-coded boxes for examples, definitions, forms, and important notes.
  • The parts of each example sentence that are relevant to the topic are highlighted in bold
  • Color coding to show how words inflect
  • More tables, including master tables
  • LOTS of examples
  • A section that compares English grammar, with examples