January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

Happy new year!

I was very productive in 2013. I added 119 pages to the site.

The site received 193,837 page views, 134,790 visits, 3,696,995 hits, with an average of 531 page views per day, and a maximum of 925 page views per day. The Facebook page now has 11,120 “likes”.

The site now has 275 pages/posts.

Over a year ago, I posted a list of plans for 2013. Fortunately, I accomplished most of these plans:

  • I added a new “lessons” feature, with 5 lessons, including audio recordings
  • I greatly increased the content – more than 119 new posts/pages!
  • I improved the format of the Q&A section, and added a few more pages to it
  • I added a lot of “notes”
  • I revised a few of the grammar articles (such as the subjunctive mood)
  • Every new article in 2013 was proofread by a native Hindi speaker; the majority of the content on the site has been checked. There are surely still some errors, but I take accuracy very seriously.
  • Added a little more content about Devanagari – one lesson, and an article about typing Devanagari
  • I added a lot of audio recordings within the lessons
  • I added a few reviews of websites related to Hindi
  • I added the overview page to summarize the site’s content
  • I updated the about page with more information about myself and the site
  • I added several new links
  • I started the indexes section, and added information about family relationships, including a diagram
  • I added several transcripts of Hindi T.V. shows
  • I started a Hindi blog, with several posts
  • I started an English blog
  • I posted a lot of content on Facebook

This would not have happened without the support of Aeterna Studio, who implemented the technical side of many of these features. Thanks, Aeterna!

I’m happy with these accomplishments. The site has a lot of information now, and is fairly comprehensive. I’m glad that I’ve documented Hindi grammar and created a great reference.

I’d like to thank Kateryna, Dorothea, Tim, Michael, and especially Andrei. Thank you very much for your participation and support!

So, what are the plans for 2014?

I think in 2014 I will try to improve the content of the existing articles rather than to add new content. You can read about the new format of grammar articles here.

On the technical side of things, better SEO would be nice.

However, my main goal for 2014 is to focus on my own personal goals for learning Hindi much more intensely. I might blog about my experience and give tips for learning Hindi.

Happy new year!

  • Kateryna Kon

    Hi David, although it is already February, but Happy New Year to you too 🙂
    and thanks for such interesting analysis of work done in 2013 and plans for the future.