June 13, 2014

Perfect Participles: Time “Since”

Perfect participles can indicate time since something happened.

They’re often used in phrases that are part of a larger sentence:

मुझे भारत आए तीन महीने हो गए हैं – “It’s been three months since I came to India”

However, they can be used independently, too:

देर हुई आये – “Were you waiting for long?” (i.e. “Has a long time elapsed since you came?)
हम लोग छोड़के गए तब से ये कपड़े यहीं पड़े हुए हैं – “These clothes have been lying right here ever since we left them there!”
  • Thanks for the amazing lessons! Always great to learn new ways of expressing things! 🙂

    • Thank you, Dorothea! I’m glad that you like the lessons. I’ve heard this idiom a lot recently and I thought it was an interesting expression.