June 13, 2014

Gender Agreement in Object-Complement Sentences

A “complement” is a noun or adjective that goes with the object of a verb. Consider the following example:

मैंने उसे अकेली पाया – “I found her alone”

The object is उसे and the complement is अकेली. There are two important notes about gender here:

  1. The verb in this example is masculine because it agrees with उसे. Any object marked with को is considered masculine with respect to verb agreement.
  2. However, the complement is feminine, because it agrees with the object, which is feminine, regardless of को.
  • Kateryna Kon

    Hi David, very nice new notes! But you did not cite them in facebook and I almost missed them

    • Thanks, Kateryna! Yes, I forgot to announce them on Facebook. I’ll announce new articles next time.