March 4, 2014

Volume 6

Volume 6 of notes. Select a link below.

The following 15 articles are posted under this category:

काम आना
होना, रहना, and बनना
Oblique Participle Complements
Some Idioms with मतलब and अर्थ
Noun + आना
Another Use of Perfect Participles
हुआ in Periphrastic Verbs
Using वाला To Make Adjectives From Nouns
Word Order With Nominal Conjunct Verbs
“चलते बनो” and Related Idioms
Perfect Participles: Time “Since”
The Many Uses of “Infinitive + होना”
Gender Agreement in Object-Complement Sentences
First Person Verbs in Relative Clauses
Some Other Types of Compound Verbs