November 22, 2013

MSO Perfect Participle + रहना/रखना

There is an interesting idiom in Hindi that has the following form:

<MSO perfect participle> + <form of रहना or रखना>

This idiom means to keep or maintain something, as in the following examples:

इससे एक तरल पदार्थ लगातार निकलता रहता है जो आंख के गोले को चिकना किए रहता है. – “A liquid substance continually comes out of it (gland) that keeps the eyeball smooth”

यह ऐसा उपकरण है जो पानी में उतरने की स्थिति में यात्री को डूबने से बचाए रखता है. – “This is a device that keeps the passenger from drowning in the case of a water landing”

This idiom can be used with any verb (that is appropriate in the context).

It is always transitive (regardless of whether रहना or रखना is used).

The MSO participle is adverbial, and is the participle of a transitive verb.

Certain verbs are very commonly used in this pattern. Two common examples are बचाए रहना/रखना (“to prevent”) and बनाए रहना/रखना (“to maintain”).