August 6, 2013

Imminent Use of Habitual Verb Forms

The habitual verb form can be used to indicate an imminent action, i.e., something that is about to happen soon.


Speaker 1: “इधर आओ” – “Come here”
Speaker 2: हां, मैं आता हूं” – “Yes, I’m coming” (indicates that the speaker will come soon)

In Hindi, when an action is imminent, the “habitual” verb form is used rather than the future tense verb form. The name “habitual” designates the most common use of this verb form, but there are other, non-habitual uses of the “habitual” verb form.


चलो, मैं निकलता हूं – “Okay, I’ll leave now” (the speaker is saying that he is just about to leave)