August 6, 2013


In Hindi, there are two primary idioms for making exhortations (i.e., “let’s …” in English):

  • A plural habitual verb form
  • A plural subjunctive verb form

Even imperative verbs are used to make exhortations in certain expressions such as “चलो“, which doesn’t mean “go!”, but rather is more like a farewell.

The plural habitual verb form is more common, and the plural subjunctive verb form is more formal.

Consider a few examples:

चलते हैं – “Let’s go”; this is often reinforced with an imperative, such as चलिए or चलो as in चलो चलते हैं; the sense is similar to “come on, let’s go”.

बैठके खाते हैं – “Let’s sit down and eat”

हम एक दुसरे से प्यार करें – “Let us love one another”