August 30, 2013

Conjunctive Participle + रहना

In Hindi, there is a continuity idiom that involves a conjunctive participle followed by a form of the verb रहना. It is the intransitive counterpart to the “conjunctive participle + रखना” idiom. In general, रहना and रखना are often used as counterparts (e.g. चुप रहो = “keep [oneself] quiet]”, खुला रखो = “keep [something] open”).

This idiom has the following form:

[conjunctive participle] [form of रहना]

The conjunctive participle is the participle of an intransitive verb. This idiom generally indicates a state that persists, instead of an action that is performed continually.

The sense is that the action of the participle is performed, and its effect lasts.


उस आदमी से बचके रहो – “Stay away from that man” (i.e., avoid, and keep avoiding)

आपको संभलके रहना होगा – “You’ll have to be careful” (i.e. take care, and keep taking care)