August 1, 2013

Volume 4

Volume 4 of Notes. Click one of the links below to select an article.

The following 21 articles are posted under this category:

MSO Perfect Participle + जाना
इ to ऐ Vowel Change and -इक Suffix
Imminent Use of Habitual Verb Forms
Third Person Imperatives
Translating the Past Habitual
Expletives and कि
Relative Clauses and Subjunctive Verbs
Translating English Habitual -ing Participles
MSO Adverbs
Bare Conjunctive Participle + Verb
Conjunctive Participle + रहना
Imperfect Participle + चला आना/जाना
First Person Singular Exhortations
Infinitives and Gender
Subjunctive Clauses as Subjects
The Use of Conjunctive Participles
The Passive Voice with Conjunctive Participles
Unspecified Abstract Feminine Nouns with की