March 4, 2013

वैसे तो

The expression वैसे तो can be used to contrast appearance with reality, or to make a concession, such as “although … “. वैसे तो often correlates with a conjunction such as लेकिन or पर.

वैसे तो यह विचार अच्छा लगता है लेकिन साबित हो चूका है कि काम नहीं करता है – “It seems like a good idea, but it has already been proven that it doesn’t work”

वैसे तो वह बुद्धिमान लगता है पर वह बेवकूफ है – “He seems intelligent, but actually, he’s a fool”

वैसे तो मैं इतना खाना नहीं खाता लेकिन मैंने दिन भर कुछ नहीं खाया था – “Ordinarily I don’t eat so much, but I hadn’t eaten anything all day”

वैसे तो वह कई तरीकों से प्रतिभाशाली है लेकिन अपनी सांगीति की प्रतिभा के लिए जानापहचाना है – “Although he is talented in many ways, he is recognized for his musical talent”


  • Hi David, once I have met expression भले ही, does it have similar meaning with वैसे तो?

    • Hi, Kateryna! Yes, भले ही is a “concessive” expression, similar to वैसे तो. You’ve given me an idea; I am going to write a new note about भले ही and a few more similar expressions. I’ll publish it soon.

    • Mohd Rafeeq

      Though/ Although/even though she is a good person, she can’t be beautiful वो खूबसूरत नहीं हो सकती भले ही वो एक अच्छी ही मनुष्य क्यों न हो

  • adeeba zaidi

    hello, i have to know that concession is the expressions that is opposite of one part of a sentence to another ?

    so we can use any expression which seems to be opposite in a sentence that is concession?

    • Well, concessions aren’t “opposites”. It’s just a word that I (and many others) use to describe language like “although”, “though”, “despite”, “however”, “nonetheless”, etc. that seems to “concede” something, somehow. Just try to recognize the examples and use them in sentences.

    • adeeba zaidi

      here i mean to say that concession clause is always contrast with their main clause?