February 3, 2013


The word मानो can be used as a subordinating conjunction which is similar to “as if” in English. It generally requires the verb in the subordinate clause to be in the subjunctive mood, but other moods can be used.


वह पूरा खाना खा गया मानो उसने दिनों से कुछ नहीं खाया हो – “He devoured all of the food as if he hadn’t eaten for days”

हालांकि हम हाल ही में एक दुसरे से मिले थे पर हम घंटों तक बात करते रहे मानो हम पुराने दोस्त हों – “Although we had just met each other, we kept talking for hours as if we were old friends”



  • Divija Sampathi

    Hai David..what is the meaning of “हाल” in the sentence mentioned above??

    • The phrase “हाल ही में” means “recently”, “just (now)”, etc. “हाल” means something like “occasion”. The phrase “हाल ही में” is literally something like “on this very occasion”, etc.