February 20, 2013

Inverted Postpositions

Certain compound postpositions that are formed with के or की can be inverted.

Such postpositions thus have two forms:

[object] के / की X


X [object] के

Here is a list of commonly inverted postpositions with example phrases:

के बिनाबिना पानी के – “Without water” (NOTE: this form is often used with a perfect participle.)

के सिवायसिवाय अंजलि के – “Except for Anjali”

के सिवा: सिवा अंजलि के – “Except for Anjali”

के अलावा: अलावा संगीत के – “In addition to music”

के / की बजाय: बजाय पानी के – “Instead of water” (NOTE: when inverted, this postposition is used with के)