February 13, 2013


There are a variety of interjections in Hindi. Since none of these interjections has a meaning per se, but rather a usage, it is hard to describe them. Approximately equivalent English interjections are listed.


अरे is roughly equivalent to “come on!”, “good grief!”, “hey!”, etc.

अरे is also combined with other words, which either alters or strengthens its emphasis.

अरे हां – “oh yeah”, “oh yes”, “oh that’s right”, etc.

अरे वाह – “oh wow!”

अरे बाप रे – “good grief!”, “oh come on!”

अरे रे – “oh come on!”, “good grief!”

अरे हां याद आया – “Oh yeah, come to think of it …”, “Oh yeah, now that I think about it …”


The interjection छी is similar to “eww!”, “yuck!”, “ugh!”.

 बाप रे

The interjection बाप रे is similar to “my goodness!”


The interjection वाह is similar to “wow!”. It is often repeated to applaud something: “वाह वाह वाह“!

ओए होए  / ओ हो

The expressions ओए होए and ओ हो are somewhat like “wow!”.