February 8, 2013

Infinitive + बाकी

The adjective बाकी means “remaining”, “left”, etc.

कितने आम बाकी हैं – “How many mangoes are left?”

When used with an infinitive, it is similar to the English expressions “yet to X”, “remains to X”, etc.

इंसाफ होना बाकी है – “Justice has yet to be served”

क्या आपका कोई सपना है जो अभी पूरा होना बाकी है – “Do you have a dream which has yet to be fulfilled?”

हमने अब तक अपना काम पूरा नहीं किया है; बहुत कुछ करना बाकी है – “We haven’t completed our work yet; much remains to be done”

  • nilaya_shogun

    nice one, thanks for that!
    perhaps add its use when telling the time as alternative to कम: आठ बजने में ग्यारह मिनट बाकी (हैं) – “7:49” (eleven minutes left to eight…)

    • Thanks! This note is primarily about the use of बाकी with infinitives. I’ll write another note about adjectives that mean “remaining”, such as बाकी and the participle forms of बचना.

      • nilaya_shogun

        okay sorry, was only looking at the “कितने आम बाकी हैं” — so I thoguht this is generally dealing with it… oops