November 18, 2012


The Hindi word “याद” basically means “memory”. It is used in a variety of related idioms:

याद करना – to remember, i.e., to recall a memory, to think about some memory: अपने बचपन की याद/यादें करते हुए, उसने अपने भाई से बातें कीं (“He talked with his brother, recalling memories of their childhood”). It can also mean “to miss someone or something”: आज मैं तुम्हारी याद कर रहा था (“I missed you a lot today”).

याद रखना – to keep in mind, i.e., to commit to memory, to continue to remember: याद रखना कि हमें दो बजे उसके घर जाना है (“Remember that we have to go to his house at two o’clock”); तुम जाने के बाद मुझे याद रखना (“Remember me after you leave”).

याद दिलाना – to remind: मुझे याद दिलाओ कि अगले हफ्ते मुझे अर्जी भेजनी है (“Remind me that I have to send the application next week”).

याद होना: to remember something, i.e., to not have forgotten something: क्या तुम्हें याद है कि हम कैसे एक दुसरे को मिले?

याद आना: to miss someone or something (i.e., to recall a fond memory): मुझे तुम्हारी बहुत याद आ रही है (I miss you a lot)

  • Priyadasi Bgsm

    hello David,
    I really like this website very much. its useful for learning both the language, Hindi as well as English. I read many notes of yours, now while I m reading this -याद, as a student of Hindi Lit. I want to say something, these composition of sentences and choice of words are not correct यादें करते हुए / तुम जाने के बाद /मुझे याद दिलाओ / कैसे हम एक दूसरे को मिले- instead of it we can say- याद करते हुए /जाने के बाद तुम / मुझे याद दिलाना / कैसे हम एक दूसरे से मिले
    these are silly mistakes but still hope the information will prove useful for others, to learn correct Hindi.