January 7, 2013

The Suffix -कार

The suffix –कार in Hindi is an agentive suffix, i.e., it converts a noun to a related noun that describes a person.

Here are some examples:

कला (art) + कार = कलाकार (artist)
उपन्यास (novel) + कार = उपन्यासकार (novelist)
पत्र (letter / document / etc.) + कार = पत्रकार (journalist, etc.)
गीत (song) + कार = गीतकार (songwriter)
संगीत (music) + कार = संगीतकार (composer)

Thus we see that it acts like English agentive suffixes such as -ist, -er, -or, etc.

The suffix –कारी is similar:

प्रदर्शन (demonstration / protest) + कारी = प्रदर्शनकारी (demonstrator / protestor)

The suffix –कारी can make adjectives too:

आज्ञा (command) + कारी = आज्ञाकारी (compliant / obedient)