October 6, 2012

Idioms Involving खाना

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The verb खाना means “to eat”.

तुमने नाश्ते में क्या खाया – “What did you eat for breakfast?”

खाना is used in a variety of idioms:

क़सम खाना – to take an oath
धोका खाना – to be betrayed
मार खाना – to be beaten
ठोकर खाना – to be bumped
धूप खाना – to sunbathe

  • Aadit

    The last one which you wrote as ‘धुप खाना’ is actually ‘धूप खाना’. I just wanted to inform you because sometimes the “matraas” are very important to be correct as in the case of जुट and जूट. जुट is from the verb जुटना which means to do one action for a long time and जूट is a natural fabric

    • Hi, Aadit – thank you for you correction. The error was a simple typographical error.

  • Naresh Misir

    This is a great site. Best by far.