February 7, 2013

Learning Hindi

Learning Hindi (www.learning-hindi.com) is one of the best resources for Hindi learners on the web.


Learning Hindi was founded in 2010, and has grown into one of the largest resources of information for Hindi learners available on the web.

The Author

Learning Hindi is operated by George Stone. George is from the U.K., and is currently a university student studying mathematics. He is a Hindi enthusiast who has learned a lot about Hindi and who enjoys teaching the language to others.


Learning Hindi is written in a decidedly didactic style. The lessons are designed to be simple, easy to understand, informal, inductive, encouraging, and generally avoid technical language. Most lessons contain clip art that is both entertaining and instructive.


Learning Hindi can be utilized by anyone, but it is generally designed for beginner or intermediate learners.


Learning Hindi has a very large number of lessons and other resources. George adds new lessons and content to the site often.

Some of the feature on this site include:

  • Audio recordings of the consonants and vowels of the Devanagari script
  • A vast array of lessons on various topics in Hindi
  • Quizzes
  • Urdu lessons
  • Links and Reviews
  • Conversational Phrases
  • Q & A

And more!


Learning Hindi is actively maintained. New content is added often.


George is very gracious to his readership. He responds to comments and has an active community in Disqus, Facebook, and Twitter. He regularly answers questions and creates new content on his site in response to feedback.


Learning Hindi has a lot of great content written in a fun style and I highly recommend this site to people who want to learn Hindi.