April 24, 2013


There is a series of Hindi lessons that will help you to learn Hindi.

These lessons:

  • are simple, and easy to understand
  • don’t use grammatical terms
  • teach through many examples
  • are gradual
  • teach colloquial Hindi, not unnatural, overly formal, “bookish” Hindi
  • have exercises
  • are practical

These lessons are different than the “notes” and grammar reference on this site. They don’t use a lot of grammatical jargon, they have simple explanations, and teach practical, “real world” Hindi. They include lots of examples, so you don’t have to learn by reading explanations, but can just absorb the grammar and vocabulary more naturally. They include many exercises which will help you to practice what you learn.

The lessons are sequential. Start with lesson 1 and read every lesson in order. Click one of the links below to begin.



The following 5 articles are posted under this category:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Devanagari
Lesson 2: Devanagari Vowels
Lesson 3: Velar Consonants
Lesson 12: Nouns
Lesson 13: Case
  • Katka Látalová

    This is actually a very good idea, keep posting ;) Sometimes you need gramatical terms and sometimes you understand more from one simple practical sentence… I´m looking forward to this lessons ;)

    • http://hindilanguage.info/ hindilanguage.info

      Thanks, Katka!