July 16, 2012

Future Perfect

The future perfect verb form is as follows:

[perfect participle of main verb] [future tense form of होना]

For example: मैं तीन घंटे चला होऊंगा – “I will have walked for three hours”

Please note that this verb form is a rare verb form. It is more idiomatic in Hindi to say “मैं तीन घंटे तक चलूँगा” – “I will have walked for 3 hours”. In other word, in Hindi, there is no explicit distinction in aspect.

The future perfect indicates an action that the speaker anticipates to be completed at some time in the future. It combines the perfect aspect with the future tense.

Pronoun Masculine Form Feminine Form
मैं चला होऊंगा चली होऊंगी
हम चले होगे चली होंगी
आप चले होंगे चली होंगी
तुम चले होगे चली होगी
तू चला होगा चली होगी
यह/वह चला होगा चली होगी
ये/वे चले होंगे चली होंगी