April 20, 2012

Future Participles

Future participles indicate an imminent action or an action which is going to happen some time in the future.

Their form is as follows:

[masculine singular oblique form of an infinitive|form of वाला]

For instance: जानेवाले लोग (“the people who are about to go”)

The suffix may be adjoined or separated from the masculine singular oblique form of the infinitive:

जाने वाले

Like other participles, future participles may be used attributively:

दिल्ली जाने वाले लोग वहां खड़े हुए हैं – “The people who are about to go to Delhi are standing over there”

They may also be used predicatively:

हम दिल्ली जानेवाले हैं – “We are about to go to Delhi”

The predicate use of future participles may be viewed as a finite verbal usage. In other words, the form

[masculine singular oblique infinitive|वाला] [form of होना] can be viewed as a kind of future verb form, often implying imminent action:

मैं कुछ तो बोलने वाली थी – “I was going to say something”

  • adeeba

    other than wale there can be other elements for showing future participle? its my question