April 20, 2012

Indefinite Pronouns

Indefinite pronouns are pronouns that refer to unspecified things, people, or places, etc.

Examples in English include “someone”, “something”, “nothing”, “everyone”, etc. “Everyone”, for instance, does not refer to any particular individual.

Indefinite Pronouns in Hindi

The two basic indefinite pronouns in Hindi are कोई and कुछ.

कोई and कुछ may be used as indefinite adjectives also.

Basic Difference

The basic difference between कोई and कुछ when used as pronouns is that कोई is used for people and कुछ is used for objects.

कोई वहाँ बैठा हुआ था – “Someone was sitting there”

कुछ वहाँ पड़ा हुआ था – “Something was lying there”


When negated, कोई means “no one”, and कुछ means “nothing”:

घर पे कोई नहीं है – “There is no one at home”

बक्से में कुछ नहीं था – “There was nothing in the box”

Oblique Case

The oblique form of कोई is किसी and the oblique form of कुछ is किस.

किसीको चाय चाहिए – “Does anyone want tea?”

किस में सामान रख दिया तुमने – “What did you store the luggage in?”