• Tomal Hossain

    This site it unbelievably helpful. No where else have I found such a thorough, organized, and “to the point” treatment of the Hindi language. I sincerely extend my gratitude for the author of these lessons who has made my life so much easier and enjoyable. Thanks!

    • Thank you very much for your compliments! You are most welcome. I’m glad that my site is helpful to you.

  • John Kodenkandeth

    Hello: I find this site has a lot good grammar information. What software do you use to key in both English and Hindi

    • Hi, John, thank you very much! I’ve replied to your comment here: ( http://hindilanguage.info/contact/#comment-1200105748 ). Let me know if you have any more questions.

      • John Kodenkandeth

        Hi David:
        Thanks for your reply. I will try out your suggestions. I am getting used to your web site. It is very good. I will also try to find a formal book on Hindi . One of your references being ” advance Hindi grammar by Usha Jain. Thanks again