April 20, 2012


Conjunctions are words that conjoin two or more words or phrases.

There are several varieties of conjunctions in Hindi:

Coordinating conjunctions “coordinate” two or more words or phrases, like the English word “and”.

Correlative conjunctions correlate two or more words or phrases, and exist in complementary pairs, as the English “neither … nor”, “either … or”, “if … then”, “lest … not”, etc.

Subordinating conjunctions make one clause subordinate to another, as the English “that, in order that, because, etc.”

The most basic conjunction in Hindi is the conjunction और (“and”). It can be used as a simple coordinating conjunction. और can be used as an adjective and as an adverb meaning “more”.

मैं और मेरी बहिन दिल्ली जानेवाले हैं – “My sister and I are going to go to Delhi”

Some conjunctions are listed below:

और – “and”

कि – “that” as in “I told him that I am going”

लेकिन – “but”

पर – “but”

मगर – “but”

चाहे – “whether”

चाहेचाहे / या – “whether … or”

या – “or”

अगरतो – “if … then”

तो – “then”

कहीं – “lest … not”

क्यूंकि – “because”

चूँकि – “because”

जब कि – “whereas”

एंव – “and”

इसलिए – “for this reason, therefore, so”

इसलिए कि – “for the reason that, because”

या फिर – “or else, or”

नहीं तो – “otherwise”

याया – “either … or”

– “neither … nor”

जैसे कि – “as, for example”