April 20, 2012


This website is devoted to the Hindi language. It is intended to be a comprehensive reference for the Hindi language. For an overview of the features on this site, please visit the overview page. This site was created (i.e., the domain was registered) on April 3rd, 2011.

About the Author

My name is David Templin. I am married to Richa Tiwari, the inspiration for this site, and we have two sons, Shlok and Ezra, and two daughters, Zoë and Raina. I live in Alabama, where I work as a software engineer.

I have many interests, including piano, ancient Greek, computer science, mathematics, and, of course, Hindi!

I am an American, and thus, of course, I am not a native speaker of Hindi. I have a general interest in languages and linguistics but a special interest in the Hindi language, since my wife is a native Hindi speaker (from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh).

I am a Hindi learner. I do not profess to be an expert on the Hindi language by any means. I only profess to have a keen enthusiasm for learning about the language and sharing it with others. I have gleaned the knowledge that I have from listening to Hindi conversations of my wife and friends, studying books, reading online Hindi news, and watching Hindi television. I hope the information contained herein is useful to others also.

I do not earn any money from this site. I pay for the domain registration, web hosting, and other miscellaneous expenses with my own money.

A Few Photos

My wife, Richa, is the inspiration for this site. Here’s our engagement photo, taken here in Alabama:

Our engagement photo

Here’s a picture of our wedding in Delhi, India:

Our wedding in India


The following people have made major contributions to this site:

Andrei Khramtsov

Andrei has made an outstanding contribution to this site. Andrei is responsible for the design and implementation of this website. He has submitted corrections and offered many helpful suggestions. In addition, he’s been an enthusiastic and encouraging supporter of the site. You can visit the website of Andrei’s company, Aeterna Studio, at http://aeternastudio.com.

Richa Tiwari

My wife, Richa, as I have mentioned, is a native Hindi speaker and my motivation for this site. She has proofread much of the material on this site. Richa tolerates my endless questions about Hindi and lets me practice speaking Hindi with her. She has made audio recordings for the site too.

About the Design

This website was designed by Aeterna Studio (aeternastudio.com). If you are interested in a professional website design, I highly recommend Aeterna Studio.

About Aeterna Studio

I am very impressed by Aeterna Studio. I especially appreciate the courtesy and professionalism consistently displayed by the members of Aeterna. Throughout the development process, Aeterna was always exceptionally efficient, and always kept me apprised of their status. The designers far exceeded my expectations. I was interested in a unique theme for my website, but they provided comprehensive consultation. I received expert advice about how to administer and use WordPress, assistance with the installation and configuration of WordPress plugins, and much more. Not only did Aeterna implement the website according to my specific specifications, but they also provided excellent suggestions for my site. I am very pleased with the aesthetics of my new website theme. Aeterna thoughtfully evaluated the user interface of my site, and implemented solutions which drastically improved the usability of my site. Aeterna ensured that my site is able to function with every major web browser, and implemented a robust, flexible layout that adapts to mobile devices and various screen resolutions. Aeterna’s developers exhibit a breadth and depth of skills which enable them to design even the most challenging of sites. I am a professional software engineer, so I am able to evaluate Aeterna’s technical abilities, and I am very impressed. I consulted with Aeterna remotely, and the process was very smooth.

  • rfismith

    Thanks for this site. I have just used it to brush up on conditional constructions. It’s very useful to have online reference material for Hindi.

  • Sangitha

    May I request a list of common verbs as well as a running list of which objects are masculine/feminine? You’ve published rules but there are so many exceptions and interpretations that it gets tough. Thanks a ton for this site. I plan to use it pretty intensively to get my kids up to some kind of speed this summer.

    • Hi, Sangitha! A list of common verbs and noun genders is a good idea, but it might take me a long time to compile such a list. I’ll try to add a list eventually. I’m glad that this site is useful to you. One of the best things that you can do for your kids is to ensure that they get a lot of “input”, i.e., that they hear a lot of Hindi and read a lot of Hindi. They have to understand most of the input, though. The tricky part is getting to the point where they can understand input. Some people use transcripts or subtitles. Other people prefer to study vocabulary and grammar, and then to reinforce it with input. Some people listen to or read the same things repeatedly. There are perhaps many ways to get comprehensible input, you’ll just have to experiment to find out what works for you. But, regardless, I believe that this is the key to success in language learning. Your kids might remain motivated to keep learning too, since watching Hindi T.V. is a lot more fun than studying grammar or vocabulary. If you ever have any questions or comments, please let me know. Good luck, and thanks for your comment!

  • Amsath Rahim

    Hello David It was nice about your beautiful family.Really you deserved to be an indian.Your site shows your efforts on hindi.My best Wishes to your family for your future endeavour.Thanks..

  • Shari G

    Thanks for your great website! I have searched all over the web for good Hindi learning sites and am surprised I just found yours today. Maybe you’re not listed too high on Google search pages yet, but hopefully with more clicks you’ll get there. Anyway, I have one suggestion which I know could be time intensive. I would love to see games. I’ve looked and looked for simple online Hindi games to practice the different aspects of grammar. The only ones that I came across were the old LiveMocha website (not the new one since it’s been taken over by Rosetta… yuck for Hindi now) and Living Language. My Transparent Language downloaded Byki program also has games. I find these really enforce learning but there just aren’t too many around. Living Language’s website is probably the best but there are only limited free games. I know it’s probably more difficult to program, but judging by the number of English and Math games out there, it can’t be too difficult. Thanks for considering it! And thanks again for your website. Very clear descriptions of difficult grammar concepts. If you added some review games to each grammar point, you’d probably have the whole world coming to your website!

    • Thanks for your kind comments! This site ranks very highly for grammatical terms (e.g. “Hindi participle” or “Hindi grammar”), but for more generic terms it doesn’t rank very highly. That makes sense, since the site is a grammar reference. Your suggestion is a good idea, but, as you noted, developing games would be a lot of work! Although I can’t invest that much time into this site, I’m always happy to answer any questions that you may have, so please let me know! Good luck with learning Hindi.

  • Gauri Manglik

    Hi David – just came across your site! It’s great – I am the founder of Kitaabworld.com and we sell many Hindi books there! Including Hungry Caterpillar and Brown Bear in Hindi! I’d love to collaborate – emailing you for further discussion!

  • Pavel Lebedev

    David, thank you very much for the site, it is of a great help. I am learning Hindi, and find it very useful for grammar references

    • Thanks for your comment. I’m glad this site has been useful to you.